Teh Liz-zor / Ez the Arboreal / You (_tarantulove_) wrote in ottawazines,
Teh Liz-zor / Ez the Arboreal / You

I love the smell of toner in the morning....

Okay, so Underwater Cigarettes v. 2 is coming out sometime soon-like (ie: as soon as I get to a copyshop / ie: tomorrow afternoon). Yaaayyyyyy!

The setup is more streamlined, having had more experience with the whole gluestick thing; this particular trip is a window-way of serpent words and moremore sketches than ever before! (also yay!)
[if you wanna get technical, it's a perzine with the soul of an interpretive dance, kind of]

NOW. Is there anyone who may have a copy of Broken Pencil with a review of UC#1 in it? I got a random fantangular fanletter (of all things), sent to my neighbour's, saying he'd read a review in the Pencil, but the site doesn't display it!! Ultra-poop! Anyone got a hardcopy? Cause I'm dyingly curious to know....

Anyway, new zine tomorrow. Any takers, send yo words/requests to
or send $2 / your zine to
22 First ave
Ottawa, ON

Peace and skittles and all that hyperactive jazz,
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