Nekusis Publishing (nekusis) wrote in ottawazines,
Nekusis Publishing

Nekusis Distro: Call For Submissions

We [Nekusis Distro] are revamping our website and putting together a whole new catalogue for the year 2007! So we're making a call for submissions. If you have a comic, perzine, artzine, litzine, fanzine or crafts that are either gender/queer-related, bizarre, or dark/goth, we'd love to distro it for you! We prefer wholesale prices, or we can trade you one or two $5 zine grab bags from our old stock for five copies of your zine! Preferred method of payment locally is direct cash, and long-distance is Paypal, but we also can do cheques.

Email if you're interested. Please provide a description (and pic if possible) of your zine/craft.
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