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Nekusis Publishing

Nekusis Distro Clearance Sale

We've got 16 grab bags/boxes with an assortment of zines, stuffed toys, jewellery, and patches. Each grab bag/box is on sale for $5. If you get 2 or more, it's free shipping.

For a list of what each grab bag/box contains, go here:

For descriptions and pictures of most of the items in the grab bag/box, visit the old website:

To place an order, simply reply to the post or email specifying which item you would like. For example: "Zine Grab Bag #7, Swag Box #5, and Swag MiniBag #3". Or specify that you'd like one grab bag of 6-7 zines, or a grab bag of jewellery and a patch, or a grab bag of zines and a patch, or a stuffed toy and a zine, but you'd rather not know what's in the bag. We discourage getting more than one grab bag of pure zines, because there's at least one zine that appears in all of them, then you'd have two copies of the same zine.

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