Kim Hoang (loverspit) wrote in ottawazines,
Kim Hoang

Comics and Zines, Graphic Novel book club?

Hello!  My name's Kim and I'm a recent art school graduate and I just moved to Ottawa from Vancouver. 

I've been around to a couple of the comics shops in Ottawa (Silver Snail and the Comic Book Shoppe, both on Bank) and it seemed primarily like Marvel/DC and anime/manga, but  I am more interested in indies stuff put out by smaller companies and literary imprints (First Second, Drawn and Quarterly, Fantagraphics, Oni Press etc).  I can find these books at Chapters and the aforementioned stores, but are there any other stores in Ottawa that carry this kind of stuff more exclusively?  Also, zines, local comix, and art?

I'm also looking to make some new friends and I was hoping someone here would be able to point me to where the local comics and zine scene resides.  Are there any meetings or events, like comic jams, or zine fairs, that sort of thing?  Any tips for where it is cheapest to print my own stuff?  Are there enough people interested in starting a graphic novel book club (or does one exist)? 

And one last question:  I was wondering if there are any other Ottawa people traveling to Toronto for Broken Pencil's Canzine (

Any tips at all would be helpful!  Thanks!

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